Allergic disease, a hypersensitivity response to certain things in our environment, often affects the ear, nose, and throat region. In addition to seasonal or pet exposure causing sneezing and congestion, allergy can cause plugged ears, mucus in the throat, voice changes, and more serious reactions such as anaphylaxis.

The incidence of allergy is increasing in the U.S and is linked to increases in asthma and airway disease. Recognition and treatment of allergy, if a contributing factor in ENT disease, is important to achieve the best clinical improvement.

We offer allergy testing (in-office skin testing) and immunotherapy, both subcutaneous injections (SCIT) and sub-lingual (SLIT) therapies. For those that are candidates for ‘allergy shots’, immunotherapy is a long-process, but can often result in much better control of symptoms for years and decrease medication requirements.

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