Upstate University Hospital

Downtown Campus

  • 750 East Adams Street
    Syracuse, NY 13210

University Hospital is the site of the department’s busiest service. It is also the location of the various subspecialty clinics staffed by academic faculty members. The campus is the focus for the Head and Neck Oncology service, the Consult service, and the Pediatric service, consisting of a PGY-1, 2, two 4’s and a 5 and both an adult and pediatric nurse practitioner.  The hospital is the region’s only Level I trauma center and all facial plastic and reconstructive surgery is handled by our department. Of interest to prospective residents, University Hospital has separate adult and pediatric emergency departments, separate adult and pediatric operating rooms, multiple intensive care units, and completely electronic medical records system.

Veteran’s Administration Hospital

  • 800 Irving Ave.
    Syracuse, NY 13210

The Syracuse VA Medical Center serves 41,000 veteran men and women who live in the 18-county area of Central New York. The service consists of a PGY-2 and PGY-5. The department oversees a general otolaryngology clinic, an otology clinic, a facial plastics clinic by the fellow, and a procedures clinic to address all facial lesions in the VA system.

Crouse Hospital

  • 736 Irving Ave.
    Syracuse, NY 13210

Crouse is a private hospital that is physically connected to University Hospital. The service consists of a PGY-2 and 5. The hospital is a focus for the otology service, the consult service as well as the subspecialty service. Additional cases are performed at two Crouse-affiliated surgery centers, one across the street and the other two blocks away.

St. Joseph’s Hospital

  • 301 Prospect Ave.
    Syracuse, NY 13203

St. Joseph’s is a community hospital located approximately 10 minutes from University Hospital on the north side of Syracuse.  A majority of residents’ parathyroid and thyroid experience is obtained here.

Upstate University Hospital

Community Campus

  • 4900 Broad Road
    Syracuse, NY 13215

Community is located approximately 15 minutes south of University Hospital.

There are additional outpatient surgery centers in Syracuse (Harrison Center, North Medical, and Northeast Medical) at which otolaryngology cases are performed by full-time and adjunct faculty members.

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