Head and Neck Tumor Board

Head and Neck Tumor Board is a multidisciplinary conference held each Tuesday afternoon in conjunction with Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology, and Neuroradiology. New patients with head and neck cancer are presented, radiologic studies are examined, and treatment plans are devised. If biopsy specimens are available, these are presented by the pathologist.  Attendees earn 1 CME credit.

Thyroid Tumor Board

Thyroid Tumor Board is a multidisciplinary conference that discusses complex thyroid cancer cases and formulates an individualized treatment plan. In addition, there are presentations and literature review of the latest in pathology and treatment of thyroid cancers. Multi-disciplinary services include Surgical Oncology, Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, Endocrinology, Pathology, Radiology, Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine. Thyroid Tumor Board is held on monthly basis. This activity is accredited by the AAMC and has category 1 CME accreditation for the audience.

Melanoma Conference

Melanoma Conference is held the first Thursday of each month. Complex melanoma cases are discussed and recommendations for therapy are determined. Services include Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (Facial Plastic Surgery), Surgical Oncology, Pathology, and Dermatology, and Palliative Care.

Voice Conference

This conference is held every other month to discuss the diagnosis and optimal treatment plan as well as report current treatment status of patients with complex voice disorders. Speech Language pathologists as well as Master’s level students from the Communication Science Department of Syracuse University participate in reviewing stroboscopic exams, acoustic and aerodynamic findings, and patient’s response to therapies (behavioral, medical, and surgical).

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