Neal Deot, MD
  • Hometown: San Jose, CA

  • Medical School: Tulane University

  • College: UCLA

  • Professional Interests: Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Personal Interests: Birding, The Sports, music

Emlyn Diakow, MD
  • Hometown: Mineola, NY

  • Medical School: Dartmouth

  • College:

  • Professional Interests:

  • Personal Interests:

Amanda Gemmiti, MD
  • Hometown: Duanesburg, NY

  • Medical School: SUNY Upstate Medical University

  • College: Siena

  • Professional Interests: Undecided

  • Personal Interests: Hiking, skiing, baking


Current Residents - Rohan Patel
Rohan Patel, MD
  • Hometown: New Haven, CT

  • Medical School: Drexel University College of Medicine
  • College: University of Delaware

  • Professional Interests: undecided

  • Personal Interests: Tennis, snowboarding, sci-fi/horror

Current Residents - Jason Audlin
Jason Audlin, MD
  • Hometown: Oswego, NY
  • Medical School: State University of New York Upstate Medical University
  • College: U of Rochester

  • Professional Interests: undecided

  • Personal Interests: Basketball, football, golf, running, movies, TV, cooking

Current Residents - Ryan Waczak
Ryan Walczak, MD
  • Hometown: Newark , OH

  • Medical School: Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine
  • College: Miami U (OH)

  • Professional Interests: Otology, Pediatrics

  • Personal Interests: Golf, swimming, hockey, football, cooking, euchre, Pittsburgh Steelers/Penguins


Current Residents - Natalia Kyriazidis, MD
Natalia Kyriazidis, MD
  • Hometown: Boston, MA
  • Medical School: University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • College: University of Massachusetts-Lowell
  • Professional Interests: Undecided
  • Personal Interests: Cooking, traveling, gardening, tennis and restaurant foodie
Current Residents - Michael Murphy, MD
Michael Murphy, MD
  • Hometown: Winchester, VA

  • Medical School: Eastern Virginia Medical School
  • College: Dickinson College
  • Professional Interests: Undecided
  • Personal Interests: Boatbuilding, making delicious food, and the outdoors
Kiranya Tipirneni, MD
  • Hometown: Saunderstown, RI

  • Medical School: University of Queensland School of Medicine Australia
  • College: Furman University
  • Graduate: NIH T-32 research fellowship, University of Alabama
  • Professional Interests: Head and neck oncology, microvascular and reconstructive surgery

  • Personal Interests: Candy, Wegmans, and anything on Bravo


Current Residents - Soroush Farnoosh, MD
Soroush Farnoosh, MD
  • Hometown: Shiraz, Iran
  • Medical School: University of Buffalo
  • College: UCLA
  • Professional Interests: Facial plastics, rhinology
  • Personal Interests: Wine making, eating, soccer, and being outdoors
Current Residents - Alex Tampio, MD
Alex Tampio, MD
  • Hometown: Ripon, WI
  • Medical School: Virginia Commonwealth University
  • College: University of Utah
  • Professional Interests: Otology
  • Personal Interests: Traveling, board games, soccer, and autumn
Current Residents - Grace Wu, MD
Grace Wu, MD
  • Hometown: Los Altos Hills, CA
  • Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
  • College: UC Irvine
  • Graduate: Case Western Reserve University, MA Bioethics
  • Professional Interests: Facial plastics
  • Personal Interests: Rock climbing, hiking, and piano

Chief Residents

Current Residents - Mark Arnold, MD
Mark Arnold, MD
  • Hometown: St. Paul, MN
  • Medical School: University of Minnesota Medical School
  • College: Boston college
  • Professional Interests: Rhinology/skull base surgery
  • Personal Interests: Running and piano
Current Residents - Susannah Orzell, MD
Susannah Orzell, MD
  • Hometown: Lincoln, MA
  • Medical School: Boston University Medical School
  • College: University of Maine
  • Graduate: Boston University School of Public Health, MPH Epidemiology and international health
  • Professional Interests: Head and neck, translational research, advocacy
  • Personal Interests: Ice hockey, SCUBA diving, traveling, and hiking/camping
Current Residents - Erica Sher, MD
Erica Sher, MD
  • Hometown: Columbia, MO
  • Medical School: St. Louis University Medical School
  • College: Cornell University
  • Professional Interests: Pediatric otolaryngology
  • Personal Interests: Running, skiing, cats and dogs
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