Physician/Staff - Mitchell R. Gore, MD/PhD
  • Meta-analysis/systematic review of rare sinonasal and anterior skull base malignancies
  • Population based analysis of head and neck and sinonasal/skull base malignancies
  • Outcomes in advanced frontal sinus surgery
  • Outcomes in endoscopic repair of sinonasal/anterior skull base cerebrospinal fluid leaks

Physician/Staff - Richard T. Kelley, MD
  • Voice disorders
  • Developing World ENT Disease and Training Programs for Providers

Research/Interests - Michael Lyon, PhD
Michael Lyon, PhD
  • Age-related changes in the laryngeal muscles and vocal folds.
Physician/Staff - Anthony J. Mortelliti, MD
  • Management of the pediatric airway
  • Outcomes in cricoid injury and reconstruction
Physician/Staff - Brian D. Nicholas, MD
  • Ototoxicity, traumatic brain injury
  • Congenital disorders: Cleft-related ear disease, aural atresia
  • Health disparities in cochlear implantation
Physician/Staff - Jesse Ryan, MD
  • Head & Neck Oncologic Surgery, Microvascular Reconstruction
  • Ischemia Reperfusion Injury
Physician/Staff - Amar C. Suryadevara, MD
  • Cosmetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery

  • Residency Education

Physician/Staff - Sherard A. Tatum III, MD
  • Characterization and Enhancement of Bone/Cartilage Transplantation Systems
  • Outcomes in Cleft and Craniofacial Surgery
Physician/Staff - Charles I. Woods III, MD
  • Hearing loss, intracranial hypertension, Menieres disease
  • Study of the Brainstem Auditory Efferent Pathways Anatomy and Physiology
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